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Standard Plugin Reference

SQL Server Compressed Backup comes with a number of standard plugins.

Database Plugins

These plugins are for communicating with SQL Server.


This plugin is the standard plugin for backing up and restoring SQL Server databases. For example:

Compression Plugins


Compresses the data using gzip compression which is faster than the other standard plugins but has the lowest compression ratio.


Compresses the data using the zip64 format, which isn't exactly the same as the zip format. The zip format has file size limitations while zip64's limitations are much larger. 7 Zip is an open source windows program which is known to decompress zip64 and many other compression formats.


Of the standard plugins, this plugin has the best compression ratio but is the slowest.


(Added in 2.0)

This is the only plugin that generates a compressed file that can’t be opened by standard compression tools like 7-zip or winzip. It also produces the largest of all the compressed file formats. The trade off is that it can be substantially faster than any of the other methods.

Encryption Plugins


(Added in 2.0)

This allows you to encrypt your backups with a pass phrase and is properly salted in the application. Usage:

Resource Plugins


The rate plugin is used to slow the backup to prevent the system from being affected by the backups.

Storage Plugins

Storage plugins save file backups and read backup files when restoring databases. These plugins might be FTP, HTTP, NFS, or local file systems.


Saves/reads files on the local file system.

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